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America is an unique country, and likewise the American Nameday Calendar
is an unique calendar. It is unique in a sense that, although we celebrate our own
first names, most of our namedays are actually based on the birthdays or other
significant days of notable people in both religion and American history.

Religion and Namedays.
We have to keep in mind that America is one of the most religious countries in the world. About 80% of the population are Christians.   In fact, the United States was actually founded as a nation mainly by Protestants who are today the largest branch of Christianity in America.
According to various recent surveys (see www.adherents.com), in round figures, about
         50% of Americans are Protestants,
         25% Catholics, and the smaller, but numerous Christian groups,
         including Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints),
         make up the remaining 5%.
         The largest of the Non-Christian religious groups in America is the Jews,
         followed by the Muslims, the Buddhists and the Hindus.
         About 15% of Americans are Nonreligious or Secular.

What makes the calendar really unique is the fact that in the "main" 2019 Edition of the calendar, we show the names of those prominent people on whom our namedays are based.   The whole idea behind showing the names and dates of these notables is that when we celebrate first names, at the same time we may or may not, depending on each person's personal views and beliefs, also remember and honor the "notable namesake".

Assigning Names to Dates.
Because only one date could be used as a nameday for each name and its variant forms in the American Nameday Calendar, we really had our work cut out for us in assigning certain popular names to proper dates when the assemble of the first edition of the 1982 calendar began.

One of those names is William.
June 25, 2011 is shown below. June 25, 2010

As we all know, William has many nicknames and variant forms.  It is interesting to note how American poet Eugene Field explains the name in his poem, "Jest 'Fore Christmas":

"Father calls me William,
"Sister calls me Will,
"Mother calls me Willie,
"but the 'fellers' call me Bill!"

Among an almost countless number of prominent Americans by the name of William, we had,
for example, three American Presidents:
William Henry Harrison, William Mc Kinley and William Howard Taft.

And, of the numerous famous Wills, Willies and Bills, we had
        Will Rogers,
        Willie Nelson,
        Bill Cosby,
to name just these three eminent Americans.

Then, from the religious aspect, we had 40 Saints and Blessed by the name of William, each of whom with a different feast day.
After every "candidate" and the corresponding date had been scrutinized, we chose
June 25, the feast day of Saint William of Vercelli, to be the nameday of William
and all of its variant forms.

At that time (early 1980's) we did not have as yet today's "Super Notables", the likes of
President Bill Clinton (William Jefferson Clinton),
Computer Tycoon Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III),
etc., etc., etc.,
to make the selection process even more difficult.

So, what about American history and Namedays?
"For starters", as you may already know, the very first name to which we assigned
a nameday, was "George", and the day is February 22nd which, of course, is the
birthday of George Washington, the very first President of our Nation.
Thus, while we honor his birthday, we also celebrate all the "Georges" in the U.S.
for their nameday.
As a matter of fact, altogether 21 namedays are based on the names of Presidents
of the United States.

These names below, representing different fields from Founding Fathers to Astronauts, are just a few examples from the long list of those notable Americans on whom our namedays are based.

Actors - Kirk Douglas,  Dec. 9
Actress/Singers - Doris Day,  April 3
Artists - Norman Rockwell,  Feb. 3
Astronauts - Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin,  July 20
Authors - Zane Grey,  Jan. 31
Aviators - Orville and Wilbur Wright,  Dec. 17
Bandleaders - Duke Ellington,  Apr. 29
Baseball Players - Tyrus (Ty) Cobb,  Dec 18
Baseball Managers - Casey Stengel,  Jul. 30
Chemists - Linus Pauling,  Feb. 28
Chocolatiers - Milton Hershey,  Sep. 13
Civil War - Robert E. Lee,  Jan. 19
Composers - Irvin Berlin,  May 11
Conductors (Music) - Leonard Bernstein,  Aug. 25
Dancers - Isadora Duncan,  May 27
Designers - Levi Strauss,  Feb. 26
Founding Fathers - Benjamin Franklin,  Jan. 17
Golf Legends - Arnold Palmer,  Sep. 10
Inventors - Samuel F.B. Morse,  Apr. 27
Patriots - Paul Revere,  Jan. 1
Poets - Emily Dickinson,  Dec. 10
Rock Singers - Elvis Presley,  Jan. 8
Scientists - Albert Einstein,  March 14
Talk Show Hosts - Oprah Winfrey,  Jan. 29
Women's Rights Proponents - Abigail Adams,  Nov. 22

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