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Namedays In Some Other Countries.
This is a genuine Estonian nameday calendar and even though it is in Estonian, you don't
have to know the language at all - the names of the months resemble English quite closely.
For instance, January is Januaar and May is Mai, and, interestingly, some of the months
are exactly the same: August, September and November.
The Almanac Office in Finland is the publisher of the yearly University Name-day Almanac
which contains all the official Finnish name-day lists (Finnish, Swedish, Lappish and
Greek Catholic), as well as extensive lists of the most popular first names in Finland
for the previous year.      (Introductory page in English, calendars in Finnish and Swedish)
Namedays in Greece are usually more important than birthdays.
Here is a list of common German first names with their namedays. It is important to note that
the dates in this German calendar are shown in Day-Month order, common in European countries.
Example: One of the many internationally recognized namedays is Dorothea - February 6.
(based on the feast day of Saint Dorothy, or Dorothea - the patroness of gardeners.)
This nameday in the calendar is shown as "Dorothea:  6.2"  which, of course, is February 6
in Day-Month order.
Learn about the nameday celebration and other old customs in Hungary.    (In English)
This is an authentic Polish nameday calendar. One of most famous Polish Americans is General
Casimir Pulaski (Generala Kazimierza Pulaskiego) who, in the 1770's, first fought the Russians
to defend the freedom of Poland, then helped our Nation win its independence from the British.
Interestingly enough, his birthday, March 4th, is also the feast day of Saint Casimir who lived in
the 15th century Poland.   Notice the name "Kazimierza" (Saint) on March 4 in this Polish calendar.
When we assigned March 4 as the nameday of Casimir and Kasimera in the original 1982 calendar,
it became one of the very special namedays because, on one hand it is based on religion (St. Casimir)
and on the other hand on the history of two different nations, Poland and the United States.

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