2019 American Nameday Calendar
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The 2019 Calendar.

The American Nameday Calendar is unique in a sense that, although first and foremost we celebrate our own first names, namedays the calendar have become, in a way, instant reminders of many prominent Americans and eminent Christians on whom most of our namedays are based. (Originally all namedays in European calendars were based, and most of them still do, only on the feast days of the saints)

The 2019 calendar includes the names and dates of the "Notables", along with some memorable moments and events in the history of our nation. And it also includes Holidays and Moon phases. All the months, from January thru December, can be viewed and downloaded from the left side column.

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Here's an example of the 300% enlargement of October 16, 2019:

This day from the 2019 calendar is a very good example of a nameday based on both religion and American history.

Noah's nameday is "literally" American nameday. We assigned it to October 16 in honor of the birthday of Noah Webster, the American lexicographer, journalist and textbook author, who wrote the first American dictionary and Americanized the English language. For example, he changed the spellings of such English words as "colour" and "honour" to "color" and "honor". When Noah Webster died in 1843 he was considered an American hero.

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A really nice thing about this celebration and using the calendar is that observing and celebrating namedays can be started at any time of the year.

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