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2015 American Nameday Calendar
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The 2015 Calendars.

We sincerely apologize that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, there have been a long delay of posting of the 2015 calendar's FREE dowloable online versons on our website. We have now finally worked out most of the problems, and we thank you for your patience.
Just like in some previous years, our 2015 website contains 3 FREE online versions:
1. The months of the "Quick View" version, clickable on the very top of the page, open instantly. These months include all the names on their namedays, but not holidays and moon phases, nor the "Notables" (basis for namedays).
2. The months of "Main" online version can be viewed and downloaded from the left side column. They include the names and corresponding dates of all those "Notables" in religion and American history on whom most of our namedays are based. This version also includes Holidays and Moon Phases.
3. The monthly pages of the "Conventional" version can be viewed from the pull-down menu below. They do include holidays and moon phases, but not the names of the "Notables" on whom namedays are based.
Suitable for those who prefer not to have names and dates of these notables shown in the calendar.
These pages are also in PDF-files, therefore, depending on your Internet connection speed, it may take a few moments for each page to open.
If you want to print, remember to set your printer's page layout to "Landscape",
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(Before downloading and printing, please read the copyright notice on the bottom of this page.)

Since our goal is, and has been since 1982, to have everyone in America celebrate namedays just like we celebrate birthdays, it is enormously gratifying to learn that our calendar is being used all across our country, and even in many far away places around the world.

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