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The Speech The Speech

..The American Name Day Calendar of First Names - 1982!" 1982 Cover

But seriously speaking,
it is the very first calendar of its kind published in the United States; a nameday calendar in which most of our namedays are based on both religion and American

And speaking of the very first,  "George"
was the very first name to which we assigned a nameday: February 22.    We did it honoring the birthday of George Washington,
the very first President of the United States.    What can be more fitting than that?
February 1982

Below is a copy of the original "Introduction" of the 1982 calendar. Introduction of The American Name Day Calendar of First Names - 1982

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We apologize for the quality of these copies for this presentation resulting from the difficulty in digitizing process.
For the copyright and other legal reasons we show the exact copies of the pages of the 1982 calendar sent to the U.S. Copyright Office for mandatory deposit as required by law.

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As you may already know, for names by gender in the 1982 calendar, we used "Feminine" and "Masculine", instead of "Female" and "Male".

FEMININE NAMES       Pages 1-3.


First advertisement in 1981 Our historic first advertisement.

The ad, introducing this quite unusual calendar here in the United States, appeared in the Los Angeles Times HOME magazine on October 25, 1981.
Part of the ad can be seen on the left.


We have received a countless number of questions over the years about this celebration, and since we are now online, (also "at long last" - as we say in the 1982 introduction about the nameday calendar itself) we have put together a separate, hopefully informative enough, "Questions & Answers" page.
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